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Historical maps of Franklin County dating back to 1842, as well as township maps, road record books, subdivision plats, private surveys, county road construction plans, and county road right-of-way plans are housed in the Records Management Office of the Surveying Department.Copies of these records and others are available to the public free of charge or for a nominal fee.As a local public works agency headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the Franklin County Engineer's Office is responsible for the maintenance and construction of 271 miles of county roadway and 351 county bridges, as well as upkeep of all county ditches, drains, retention basins, and other storm water facilities within the right-of-way of county roads in unincorporated areas.

He is the inventor of i NANOvative nanocluster systems and the main developer.#Future Engineer Today's General Session was eventful! Engineer Robertson was shadowed by a high school senior aspiring to be an engineer.Our own Angie Phelps was recognized for her work as a Combined Charitable Campaign coordinator. He accompanied us to General Session and presented one of the resolutions. Robertson is pleased to announce the new Franklin County Engineer website!Our site includes a brand new visual layout, new features to access information, and more ways to contact us.The website was designed by ZED Digital for efficient, personalized navigation. The print-version of the Franklin County Atlas can be be purchased from our headquarters lobby at 970 Dublin Road, and the Tax Map Office at 373 South High Street, on the 19th floor, free of charge.

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