Lee ji hoon eugene kim dating

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he is great actor and also a gentleman,, if u had noticed every time he drag OH RI JIN to get in to his car he always protecting her head.. We love you and hope you can act in many many good dramas like you've being playing.

most of all I'm totally hooked onto Ji Sung, he's such a heart melter! My chinggu asked me to watch Kill Me Heal Me so I gave it a try. Then I watched The Great Seer, then Save the Last Dance and now Secret Love. I hope that another drama will reunite these 2 awesome actors ! I love both of you and all kill me heal me cast n crew..^^ I love you...you're the best actor i ever seen.. EVERY KDRAMA ACTOR SHOULD BOW DOWN TO THIS EXCEPTIONAL ACTOR!

I've finished 4 of your drama series, Save the last dance for me, New heart, Protect the boss, and royal family. I'm a big fan of korean drama and I can say you are among the best and superb!! Look forward for your next drama and wish you more success in future.

I wonder why " what is the connection of the TEDDY BEARS IN THIS 4 drama series? I started to know Ji Sung backwards - first "Protect the boss"q, then "Swallow the sun", "Kim So Ro", "Save the last dance", "Royal family".

I'm happy that there are also a lot of people who watched that can't get over with this drama. After watching Kill Me Heal Me, I've become an avid fan of Ji Sung Oppa... Not just his acting is amazing but when I watched variety shows, him as a guest, I can really say that his personality is lovable. I can't even count how many times I've re-watched KMHM already. I absolutely loved with their characters in KMHM and Secret Love. And we lots of your creative ideas and suggestions, also your support to lead actress. Big support for you and the team of Kill Me Heal Me. P.s Who cares if he is married it's not like we're going to date him or anything. his acting is so amazing and real and i love him playing intensive characters such as in 'Secrat' and 'kill me heal me', alltough i loved him also on 'Protect the boss' which he shows more of his funny and cute sides of him ♥♥♥ @kdramaddict I absolutely agree with u.

The plot, actors and the script is totally amazing . Kill Me, Heal Me and Secret are by far my favorite dramas of his. Those two have serious chemistry when it comes to acting. ji Sung oppa, you are very talented actor, but also you have creative mind, we was watching Imbc behind the sene ..

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